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Oracles of God — Rev Ray Okocha

In a message delivered to the delegates as part of the concluding sessions for the Pastors Conference by Rev. Ray Okocha, ministers were once more reminded of the authority their heavenly citizenship bestows on them as the Oracles of God. Thus they have the power to decree anything and it will come to pass. Not fully grasping the power behind this truth weakens the church, Rev. Ray said. According to him, “When you walk with God and know Him, He makes you His mouthpiece. As a nation the Israelites received direction from the prophets of God. Blessed are the people whose God is the Lord.”

Quoting the book of Romans 2: 23-29 and Romans 3: 1-3, Rev. Ray noted that Israel had the oracles of God given to them as a nation. He informed the delegates that the Israelites had the statutes and judgments of God which God committed to them and this uniquely positioned them because God specially prizes those who carry the oracles of God, and will do anything to ensure His word comes to pass because the oracles of God are founded on Him.

Drawing series of examples from Jacob whom he said God showed His word, statutes and judgement, then to Moses who was a faithful bearer of the Oracles of God, Rev. Ray reminded the congregation that because of the weight of authority Moses carried, those who spoke against him were dealt with. This teaches us not to speak against those who are bearers of the oracles of God.

“Today, the church is a nation and those who have God’s word in them are bearers of the oracles of God.”Also in 1 Corinthians 4:1, we are stewards of the mysteries of God and the bearers of the oracles of God today.

“God has sent you to your world to take His word there and be His mouth piece because you have been commissioned. Today, the church is a glamorous place because God is beautifying the church now; this is the season of the beautification of the church”.

Rev Ray noted that everyone attending this IPPC is a star wherever that person is, thus no one should look down on himself or herself, “but recognize that you are very important in the scheme of things now and you are the bearer of the oracles of God so speak as the oracles of God and do things with God’s ability”.

Continuing, he warned that we should not give God anything less than our best. “God doesn’t consider your ability in giving you an assignment; He considers what He wants you to do with His ability”.

Bringing it home to the IPPC, he warned delegates to take whatever is being taught here very seriously, “Take the words and instructions that come from your leaders very seriously because they speak as the oracles of God and God will establish their word whether you obey or not and if you disobey, the consequences are dire”.

“God has called you and gifted you based on the assignment He’s given you according to the distribution of the Holy Spirit. This month of Vision, you will see what God wants you to do and by His ability, you will do it”. You must learn the principles of the oracles of God and put them to work in your life”, he added.

In closing, he encouraged the delegates to, “Keep doing the things that work and keep producing results, and God will multiply your ability”. On the kind of people God has called us to build in the Believers’ LoveWorld Nation, Rev Ray informed all present that, “We are to build  a people of faith – our spirits respond to the word of God because we have and understand the message; we are also to build a people of love and a people of the message”.

As oracles of God, and by the ability of the Spirit, we can make these things happen in our locality.

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